Gold Loan vs Personal Loan!!

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One can easily avail loan against gold, which is also quite common in most part of the country but still people prefer personal loan. Availing loan against gold is a far better option than availing personal loan.

Lets have a quick look on how Loan Against Gold is better than a personal loan.

Have a look at the table below where we have compared Gold Loan and Personal Loan on multiple parameters


Gold Loan

Personal Loan

Interest Rates

10% to 16%
(based on loan amount)

16% to 22%

(based on credit rating)

Disbursement time

30 mins to 1 hour

3 days to a week

Processing fees

Nil to 1%

2% to 3%

Pre-payment charges

Nil to 1%

At least 1% of the balance loan amount

Income proof

Not required



ID & Address proof

ID, Address, Bank statement, salary slips, ITR, etc

As you can see, gold loan is a good alternative to personal loan. A financial institute is always comfortable lending against a security (collateral loans) when compared with a loan application with no security (personal loans). That's why you can get loan against gold in such short time. It can help you raise funds quickly to pay liabilities where you are paying high interest or for medical emergencies or for some important expenses such as your child's education or even for your business via overdraft facility which is offer by many banks.

We will talk about the different schemes available for Gold Loan in our next article.

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