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Gold is a commodity in which people invest for various reasons but most common are for weddings, investment for future, etc. The common reasons do have sentimental attachment to gold and people tend to keep it until the end of time, when they have to sell it. Gold Loan is one option where the unused Gold in bank lockers can be utilized at the time of emergency and there are multiple schemes that are suitable for each individual differently.

Lets take a look at the schemes:

  1. Bullet Scheme – This is one of the least known schemes and the best for anyone. This scheme allows borrower to take loan against gold with tenure of 6 months or 12 months, during which borrower does not have to pay any interest at all. At the end of tenure, borrower should pay interest and principle to release his/her gold. If the borrower can not pay principle, he/she can renew the gold loan by paying interest and processing fees for another 6 months or 12 months.

  1. Interest Only Scheme – This scheme is well known between borrowers and is preferred because the only amount that borrower pays is the interest every month which is a fixed amount.

  2. Overderaft Scheme – This is another less known scheme that allows borrower to take overdraft facility on their account by pledging gold. In this scheme, based on the valuation an overdraft limit is assigned to borrower and interest will be charged only on the amount that he/she withdraws. This interest will be charged to the account on monthly basis.

  3. EMI Scheme – This is another popular scheme, works on the same lines of Personal loan/car loan. Total amount is calculated based on the loan amount and interest and a fixed EMI per month will be debited to borrowers account every month.

The best part about gold loan is that for any scheme (apart from EMI) you can pay any amount towards principle when you can during the tenure and the interest you pay will be on the balance principle rather than the loan amount!! This results in lesser interest!!

The amount paid towards principle during tenure will result in less effective interest

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