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I am one of those Mumbaikar, who had come to Mumbai long ago with a dream of owning home in city of dreams! I am from Nashik and few years back I moved to Mumbai for job. I rented single room in sub-urban area of Mumbai and commuted to work, which was almost 2 hours one side journey.

From the day I moved to Mumbai, I started saving for my dream home, but the real estate market was growing faster than expected and the prices of home just kept on increasing. I couldn't save enough even to pay booking amount

My dream home seemed a distant possibility but then I came across Affordable housing projects around Mumbai and my hopes were alive again. I visited site, looked at few options and confirmed home with booking amount paid. Here my struggle started with banks offering up to 80% loan and the balance margin money could just take my dream away again, frustration was building up and I almost gave up on the dream home!!

I was looking at option to raise the margin money and one day a colleague told me about GoldUno, who could help me in raising the margin money if I am ready to pledge my Gold. I was little skeptical at first but then considered giving it a try, so I called their toll free number and within 5 mins one of their executives called me. He asked me my details about amount and my PIN Code for offering me Gold Loan schemes that are near me. Executive then explained me the whole process and also offered me to set up an appointment at the bank. I choose an offer where I had to pay nothing for a complete year and GoldUno executive set up an appointment at the bank which was within 5 mins walking distance of my room.

I went to the bank, where a valuer was already present, he took my jewelry and valued them for purity of gold. During the process, I filled up form and submitted my Address & ID details to the bank employee. This whole process was in a closed room and was recorded on CCTV, a sense of security that gave me confidence in the process. Within 30 mins the process was over and amount was disbursed in my bank account. The process was very smooth and I had money in my account within half hour!! GoldUno team was with me throughout the process and even after the disbursement they are always available to answer any queries!!

GoldUno helped me raise the margin money with minimum paperwork and without hassle. With this amount, I had 100% (80% bank approved loan and margin money via Gold Loan) amount for my dream home. The best part was, there was no EMI for gold loan, I could actually save money and pay the home EMI without worrying about other EMI.

Thank you GoldUno for your help and support to complete my dream.

Now, I have my dream house in this city of dreams..!!

Are you also looking to buy your dream home but have difficulties obtaining the margin money, get in touch with Golduno @ 730 405 6777. We will help you raise margin money via Gold Loan with lowest interest rate and NO EMI schemes.


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